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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recording "Ghost Music" at the AAC

Me on the left, Devan on the right.

Bill's set up and Bill in the background shooting a photo of the drawing I made during the performance.

The drawing, I think some of my warm ups were better, but I got a good feel of how it should progress and the timing, it will be much better next time, but this wasn't bad.

Disclaimer: I've got a ton of snapshots of several new drawings (including this shoot and my site-specific drawing at the Adam Lister Gallery) but my camera is at my studio, which has no internet access - so I'll post them this weekend after getting to the studio tomorrow.

In the mean time, here are some photos that Matt shot after the performance.

Monday I recorded the first live performance of "Ghost Music" with Matt Sargent and Bill Solomon (Hartford, CT). Devan Mulvaney (Brooklyn, NY) was our vidoegrapher. After 1.5 years of development and planning, it was the first time we got to be in the same space and work it all out. Matt composed a minimal percussive score, Bill performed it and I made a drawing inspired by the auditory stimulus as the 50+ minute piece developed. Matt, Bill and I have been just working together via email all of this time, I've talked to Matt in person one time before, at the opening for Artomatic 2009, where we had a collaborative piece installed. Bill and I had never met, and I must say it was great to play/draw with him - he's a real pro - and Matt did a great job recording and managing the sound recording. Devan shot the whole thing and is putting together a short video of the piece, can't wait to see it.

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