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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Opening Friday May 6, 2011

" a couple of days..", a new site-specific drawing and corresponding studies by John M. Adams at

The Adam Lister Gallery

Adams Artwork - " a couple of days..."
"Excessive Perspective"

"Excessive Perspective" highlights new definitions and approaches by artists using and depicting volumes and spatial relationships within their work. Going beyond the basic concept of pictorial logic, these artists address the notion of something or somewhere, while referencing a disconnection to that same thing. A language of space and time, visually divided and multiplied within itself, expresses a mysterious rationality behind the act of production and simplification. The work in this exhibit explores alternative viewpoints to understanding the world around us and the infinite web of parallel realities.

John M. Adams
Remmi Brant
Bobby Coleman
Jacobe Noonan
Stephanie Rivers

May 6 - May 20

Opening reception: Friday May 6 6-9pm

Gallery Director- Adam Lister
T#: 646.263.7305

Old Town Fairfax Village Plaza
3950 University Drive

Fairfax VA 22030


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Fred Spratt said...

This is really cool! It has a lot of charecter, the dark pipe with the silver add a wonderful edge to the work.