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Monday, March 24, 2008

Artwork of the week, March 24, Small Painting in Progress

This is one of five small (10"x8.5") oil and acrylic on birch paintings I am finishing right now. I'll share more this week. Feel free to comment.

Artomatic and Spring

Love it or hate it. Artomatic 2008 is happening May 9th - June 15th in DC. I happen to be of the "love it" crowd and I've managed some good press and recognition because of what I've done there. Not all of my friends feel the same way. Being a non-juried show, I admit that there is an uneven level to the quality of the artwork, and I know plenty of people that definitely have the "Cooler than Thou" attitude about it and would never consider participating in it, but still go, or talk about it (once again, positive or negative). I also know established, respected artists who participate and have since the beginning and would never deny a relationship with it. I started at number 3, located on at the DC Southwest Waterfront in 2002 just after relocating to NoVA, still reeling from the high of good artistic relationships and atmospheres developed in undergraduate and then graduate school. Artomatic was my first contact with a large group of other artists and I loved it. Also like the reality of art academia, it was uneven, which made sense to me, because everyone rubbed elbows and brains and good things happened, which it seems some people forget about. I actually like that. I know I have spent nights walking around artomatic with people who never make it to one of my shows at a gallery, and they have a great time, they aren't intimidated. They even feel comfortable talking about art after they leave, in the restaurant across the street, or next week at a party. Its good for people and good for art. Ok, thats my sermon I guess, but love or hate it, I'll still be friends with you.
I think Spring is the best time for Artomatic, I loved it last year, its restorative in a way no matter how you look at it, it either confirms you belief in the big uncontrollable monster or your disdain for it.
I'm currently planning my project for it. Another site-specific drawing is in the works - Relentless Continuity 2008? I'll keep you posted, but most likely...... we'll see.

Relentless Continuity (2007)

Relentless Continuity (2007)

Relentless Continuity (2007)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Computer trouble

I can't update with new images yet this week because I am having some technical difficulties with my computer. I'll post as soon as i can.

Friday, March 7, 2008

In NYC...

I'm taking a group of students to NYC, I'll respond to the comments from the curator/juror question post when I return late Saturday/early Sunday. I'm excited about seeing this....

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Question for curators and jurors...

I've been getting some feedback on some recent proposals I've sent out, and one of the comments is that the image quality is not so great. With a surge in digital submissions over the last few years, I have been concerned about this due to the subtle nature of most of my work. In any kind of reproduction quite a bit of depth is lost.
I use a professional photographer, calibrate my monitor regularly and look at everything VERY carefully in photoshop. The problem is, that I don't know what program most jurors and curators are viewing the images with. I notice that a carefully sharpened, accurate image is blurred by windows picture and fax viewer, but when it is viewed in photoshop it looks great. Should I then be oversharpening my images to compensate for this?
I have several questions for jurors and curators and would appreciate some feedback on your experiences:
1. What program is most often used to view the images?
2. Are they projected or viewed on a monitor?
3. Do curators and jurors calibrate their monitors regularly as designers, photographers and most artists do?
Thanks - I appreciate any feedback.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Artwork of the Week, March 3, Sitting Still 33

Sitting Still 33
Oil and Acrylic on Oak

I've been working on a package for a corporate collection as well as some other opportunities, more brand new stuff to come!