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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reception for "Finding Zero" 4-6pm January 9, 2011

"Finding Zero", paintings by John M. Adams
Seep, oil and acrylic on wood panel, 20"x17"
Public reception: 4-6pm Sunday January 9, 2011
"Finding Zero" by John M. Adams at the Athenaeum
201 Prince Street, Alexandria, Va 22314 / 703.548.0035
John M. Adams' paintings represent the process of grasping at that which is transient and ephemeral. Adams' adventures canoeing down rivers, traversing mountains, and navigating urban jungles inform their visual language. His perceptions of these experiences remain ambiguously familiar and appear if not in the composition of the work, then in the process.

Artist Statement: My current body of work activates the perceptual connection between artist, object (or environment), and viewer. The paintings reflect my meditative process of repetitive mark making through the transparent layers of subtle atmospheric and textured surfaces. These chaotic marks are juxtaposed with the structure of a regulated rhythm of horizontal lines (not unlike those found on maps, graphs and notebook paper). The combination resonates with a quiet vibration that propels the viewer into an image whose color scheme and composition remain ambiguously familiar, as if from an incomplete memory that is nonetheless vivid. The combination of process and product are an amalgam of time and space where memory and experience of the present meet.

The Athenaeum is an amazing venue with wonderful natural light, those who arrive early with be delighted to see the work under these conditions. I look forward to seeing you at the reception.

The Athenaeum is open Thursday, Friday and Sunday 12-4pm and Saturday 1-4pm.
"Finding Zero" will run January 6 - February 27, 2011.

John M. Adams
Paintings, Drawings and Site-Specific Artwork

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