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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Alabama - I've been visiting with my brother and his family down here for Christmas with my wife as well as my mom - the average day time high has been around 72 degrees, rough eh?
I will be back in action by the 4th, so look for some new drawings in the least.
Tonight we are drving across the bay to Mobile to watch the Moonpie drop at midnight - no shit.


Amy Zaiss said...

I want to see this moonpie drop! -- Does anybody eat it after Midnight; or do they use a lame, un-edible moonpie?

John M. Adams said...

I do not believe you could eat it, but they did have plenty of free moonpies to go around - we actually had to leave early because my nieces were freezing - the temperature dropped 30 degrees and there was a serious wind coming off the bay putting a damper on things.