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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Submitting to Exhibitions

As most artists will tell you, I spend and unseemly amount of time and energy preparing submissions and proposals for galleries, grants, fellowships, competitions, and lately artist residencies. Everyone has a different format and requirements, some of which (after having more than ten years of experience doing this) border on the ridiculous. I honestly believe I spend as much or more time working on these things than actually painting or drawing (something I am desperately trying to change).
I just completed the most painless and quick submission that I can remember. It was for the 20th Annual Drawing and Print Competition at Notre Dame of Maryland. It consisted of a short online form, uploading the digital images to their site and then paying the entry fee via PayPal in a seamless stream of events that took all of 15 minutes (including prepping the images to their specifications in Photoshop).
If you are a gallery, arts organization, or anyone else that organizes art exhibitions please take a minute, click the link above and review their process. It would be so much better for artists and the people who host art exhibitions to do things this way!

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