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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saturday Collaboration

29 days until I deliver the work for my show and 14 days until my personal deadline of finishing the work, a handful of paintings are finished, and many are very close. I am definitely painting with purpose, which always feels good. Then there is the collaboration with Matt Sargent and JT Kirkland, which is progressing a little slow but quite nicely. I am starting to hear back from residency applications (no luck on the MacDowell). Things are happening.
So when my old ceramic/scultor buddy Matt Grimes called me up and asked me to go out to a friend's property to check out the huge Matt had dug for pit firing (in other words; get outside and do nothing that could technically called productive for a day) I couldn't refuse.
We ended up with a chilly wet Saturday in the mountains outside of Browntown, Virginia, and it was a great day.
Matt wanted to do some kind of collaborative piece outside and soon he spotted a bunch of wild grape vines that we were soon removing from some trees at the back of the property and taking turns weaving it together.
A few hours later we had a ball above 40" in diameter, that weighed in at 50 or 60 pounds (the rain wasn't helping).

We moved it around to a few locations, finally settling on the location 10 feet up on this tree limb.

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