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Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm Back, Artwork of the Week January 14

Surface Disturbance
Oil and Acrylic on Birch Panel
I guess I got a little behind with the blogging. Life happens, but I'm back with some of the newest finished work from my studio, Surface Disturbance. Let me know what you think. I've been putting together a few new proposals in my absence, and this was one of the pieces I that was still tacky at my open studio last month. I'm also including a cropped version of the last painting I posted: From Below.

From Below
oil and acrylic on birch panel

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J.T. said...

In Surface Disturbance you seem to be bringing more of a feel of an environment. I sense something atmospheric but also grounded. Can you talk a bit about this... is this something you're going for?