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Monday, December 24, 2007

Artwork of the Week, December 24

20"x17" - oil and acrylic on birch
This is a remote post from Arkansas, and I have found myself without photoshop, so this post looks a little different, if I were a home I would have removed the black background, which would make the edges of this piece a little easier to see, (something I'll take care of next week).
I just got the CD of new work from my photographer the day before we left Virginia, and tossed it in my bag so i would have something to post here this week. I'm excited abou the new work, and no I don't have the title nailed down for this one yet, still stewing over the list of possible titles in my sketchbook, where I keep a running list while working on a large group of them. The lists consist of sentence fragments taken out of context that I may hear in a passing conversation as well as from the sometimes silent conversations I have with myself while working in the studio, taking a hike, or staring at a body of water that I am currently fishing. i pour over these lists, editing them down into meaningful fragments that make sense with an indiviual piece in the studio.
The new paintings I will be posting over the next few weeks are a bit of a change for me (some subtle, some not so subtle). More on that later, but its time for me to get back to the in-laws. I'll be back in Virginia later this week, and I plan on banging out a few more posts before the year ends. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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