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Monday, December 17, 2007

Artwork of the Week, December 17

Sitting Still 42
oil and acrylic on oak panel

Is this were the pink came from? I don't remember thinking pink when I created it, it just sort of happened, but this time was about a year before the recent revelation. Sitting Still 42 was completed concurrently with my previous Artwork of the Week.

I was asked recently at the open studio about the process of numbering as a portion of the title?

I tend to group the painitngs into "movements" as they are completed. The paintings are constantly jostled from the wall to the palm of my hand. To the table, back to my palm, and back to drying rack. I start to get into rhythms of working on a few in relationship to each other in terms of color or mark, and I finish them roughly at the same time, each one takes its part in a "movement", and they are labeled as such. Each "movement" begins number on the tens column (4) and progresses upward through the ones (2), or Sitting Still number 42 (fourth movement, second piece). A movement is composed of less than 10 pieces, and could vary from 2 to 9.

Thats a mouthful, more on the title and its relationship to these pieces later this week. Next week, brand new paintings fresh from the studio, posted later this week or maybe on Christmas Eve, so check in when you get a chance.

Once again, this artwork of the week is one of four currently at the Touchstone Gallery in the Art on the Small Side Exhibition. This exhibition opens this Friday, December 14 and runs through Friday, January 5. The show focuses on artwork smaller than 18 inches square.

406 7th Street, NW, 2nd floor
Washington, DC 20004
Gallery hours:
Wednesday - Friday 11-5
Saturday - Sunday 12-5 and by appointment

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