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Monday, December 10, 2007

Open Studio Report

Thanks for a successful open studio, we had a packed house and the newest work was well received. It was great to see the usuals as well as those of you who were seeing my work for the first time. Through out the night I heard two questions several times, so I thought would post the questions and answers in case they were on a few people's minds. However if you have questions about a specific painting or drawing, please drop me a line.

1. I have a specific location for a painting, can you take a look at this location and figure what size painting would fit there? Sure, I've also done site specific drawings for specific location such as Relentless Continuity 2007 at Artomatic 2007.
2. I'd love one of the larger works, could I work out a payment plan? I have done this in the past and I am open to it at this point, provided that the work stays with me until the balance is paid in full and I have permission to exhibit it until that point (however the work would be marked not for sale).

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