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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Artomatic Drawing Progress

I'm making progress, with lots of studies (taped to the wall here in between paintings in my studio), cutting, sanding and priming wood, and waiting for the rain to stop so I could strap it all to my roof racks (plus I was out of town on family business for 5 days last weekend). Tonight after I order the postcards I will post several of the studies I've done so far. (Sorry for the poor quality photos, these are just snapshots)
Last night my buddy Adam helped me to haul the wood and assemble to frame for the platform. The plywood is just leaning up against it for now - I will attach that late tonight. The drawings will be executed on top of the platform.
Thanks to everyone who has supported this project so far - if you still want to become a patron, you have until Wednesday, May 7 to do so, and if you have contacted me , but have not sent payment I will need to receive it before May 7 so I may include you on the list of patrons at the installation. More soon....

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