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Friday, May 2, 2008

Artwork of the week, May 2

Relentless Continuity 2008, Study 4
Graphite on Yupo, 6"x8"

Relentless Continuity 2008, Study 3
Graphite on Yupo, 6"x8"

Here are two of the studies for the Artomatic drawings (there are more and new ones in the works). These are small studies that I have used to build a vocabulary of marks for the Site-specific drawing, which will be executed in one day early next week. Think of these as details for the larger piece, so at 6"x8" the marks will be the same size on a much larger drawing (approx. 74"x27") The first people to email me can have one or both of these drawings for $150 each. Please specify which drawing you are interested in.


J.T. said...

You know... Yupo comes in some very big sizes. I think it comes up to 30" x 40" or even bigger. Just a small nudge. :)

Also, after seeing these, I'd recommend taking a look at Zaria Forman:

In the same family... but still different. You might get some ideas from her work.

I like how it's shaping up.

John M. Adams said...

yeah, nice work , I'd like to see some of those in person. I did know that Yupo comes in larger sizes, I found out at Pearl Paint the last time I was in NYC. i also discovered it comes in large rolls, one of which is being shipped to me right now.