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Monday, November 26, 2007

Artwork of the Week, November 26

Sitting Still 12
acrylic on un-stretched canvas
6x4" (archivally matted 14"x11")

This is the second piece I am posting from the beginning of the "Sitting Still" series. Like the last image, this little painting is on un-stretched canvas and is matted 14"x11" with archival materials.

This painting has an entrancing hallucinogenic quality that crept into the entire Sitting Still series. The transparent layers of marks seem to be slightly out of registration (if it were a print), causing a vibration that I use on a regular basis in my paintings now. However like the last piece on canvas that I offered up, the colors are much softer than in the current works in the series.

This vibration at the edges of the barely distinct forms draws the viewer into the painting, letting it teeter between recognizable image, or landscape and nonobjective image. Material and image resonate off of each other.

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