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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekly Artwork from the Flat File

Sitting Still 11
acrylic on un-stretched canvas
6x4" (archivally matted 14"x11")

The first artwork I am posting is one of the few pieces I've made in the last ten years that is not on wood or paper. This piece was created in 2005. Its development came out of a desire to alter my process and materials that had begun to bog me down, and to re-develop the body and format of my artwork.

The atmospheric image is still divided by the regular rhythm of horizontal lines, but the mark making was becoming more direct than in the densely packed, barely discernible
marks of the paintings I had been making for a few years. I still wanted to create subtle, meditative artworks that required the viewer to look and look hard, but I was attempting to loosen up and use my materials differently. Ultimately I ended up developing these pieces into the "Sitting Still" series I am still working on, some of which you can see here.

Sitting Still 11 has been sold on ebay. Thank you Gina King!


FreshSnaps said...

WOOT! this is cool! i'll send people here from my blog. also, i put in a bid for the piece on eBay. Oh yeah, a John Adams piece not on wood or paper, that's rare.

kingindc said...

John, I'm thrilled to have won this bid! The piece is beautiful, and will occupy a prominent place on my walls. Welcome to the blogosphere!

FreshSnaps said...

kingindc - so, you're the one who outbid me. next time you will not get off so easily, yarrggghh.